Going to Pozuelo to see a play

Paula Martínez wrote: This play we have watched in the “Teatro Mira” in Pozuelo was about bullying. It talks about a girl called Marta that is in 3rd of ESO and is new in the high school. She has three friends and they have organized a party to collect money for the end of the…


Project on plants

As part of unit 3, the first grade bilingual Biology and Geology students were assigned a project on a plant of their choice. For each of these plants the students had to draw leaves, flowers and fruits and explain the scientific classfication of the species, its geographic origin and growth requirements. As usual, the students…


Mannequin Challenge

This is our Mannequin challenge! While there have been numerous “challenges” that call for their players to do some outrageous things (pour a bucket of ice over their heads, eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, etc), this one is quite simple. The viral challenge requires participants to stay absolutely still while holding a pose — like, say,…


The Boy in the Dress

This is the book 1 ESO students are reading in English class during this first term: The Boy in the Dress (2008), by David Walliams, an English author born in 1971. Here you can find some interesting sites to visit: David Walliams’ website. Guided Reading Prezi Presentation WATCH THE FILM ONLINE